Enter the Afrohouse with Kamau Abayomi

Enter the Afrohouse: “Feel, Flow and Freedom”

As a DJ, Kamau plays a range of music genres from Afrohouse to dancehall, tropical bass to classic rock, classical soul etc. Soul, culture, substance and slaptastic slump run as the common thread. Kamau was the featured DJ for the Money in the Cap II hiphop and house dance competition in Singapore in 2012, and in the Juste Deboute battles. Kamau stood at the forefront of the production of Bali’s soulful and eclectic performance art events and Indonesia’s first national break dance champions, Aerial Crew.

House music and various genres of dance music have emerged across the globe since the 80’s. House dance is freestyle dance that is both individual and social, rooted in the love of music, movement and spirit expression. Core driving forces of movement comes from all elements in the music. Diverse house elements, African, Latin, Jazz, Tap, hip-hop, capoeira, etc. all combine to form house dance.

Address: 112 Middle Rd, Midland House, #03-01, Singapore 188970
Sat Mar 17, 2018
5:00 PM - 6:30 PM SGT
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Afrohouse Dancer SOLD OUT $35.00
Student Dancer SOLD OUT $25.00
Venue Address
112 Middle Road Singapore
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